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Energize Pharmaceuticals (P) Limited

“Health is the Greatest Gift, Contentment the Greatest Wealth, Faithfulness the Best Relationship”

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Energize Pharmaceuticals is a fast growing Pharmaceutical company located at Pune in India that specializes In providing a wide range of pharmaceutical products such as Tablets, capsules, oral liquid, veterinary products, injection and Ointments. read more

Our Business Reality

One of our specializations is to provid quality, reliability, sustainability and excellent customer service. our team of professionals combined with our infrastructure is always ready for it. We offer a wide range of solutions where we have the experience of developing pharmaceutical formulations for our some of the country's best pharmaceutical companies. Our team of specialists the desired experience and expertise to the in

Provide Antacids, Antifungal Medicines, Cough And Cold Syrups, analgesics, infant related products, veterinary products etc. in India. Energize Pharmaceuticals is also actively involved in marketing of different types of pharmaceutical products. Therefore when it comes to manufacturing of quality products, Energize Pharmaceuticals is undoubtedly one of the names due to our hard-earned credibility of providing the best to our service.


A Quality Products For Better Human Health to Creating Healthy World.


The philosophy of  Energize Pharmaceuticals is “Increasing Focus On Innovative And Developed Markets” by providing quality products at affordable prices.


Innovation, Honesty, Integrity, Commitment is Our ultimate goal to create our high quality products in high quality service.