Bussiness Area

Energize's ground-breaking drug discovery effort is primarily focused in the areas of inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis etc.), metabolic disorders (diabetes, obesity, etc.) and pain (neuropathic pain and inflammatory pain). read more


Energize 's formulations business is currently organized around four regions – India, The formulations business focuses on therapeutic areas viz. Ortho, dermatology, anti-infectives, respiratory, cardiac, diabetes, gynecology, CNS, and oncology. India is the largest market in terms of revenue for the organization..

About Bussiness

We offer a wide range of solutions where we have the experience of developing pharmaceutical formulations for our some of the country's best pharmaceutical companies. Our team of specialists the desired experience and expertise to provide in antacids, antifungal medicines, cough and cold syrups, analgesics, infant related products, veterinary products etc. in India.

The organization has been committed to providing a wide range of quality and affordable pharmaceutical drugs to a large number of healthcare professionals and medical facilities. The company started its journey in 2014 with the honest promise of providing quality medicines at affordable prices. Energize Pharmaceuticals provide medicines of wide range of therapeutic classes like antiulcer ants, antibiotics, NSAIDs, antipyretics, vitamins & minerals, laxatives, cardiovascular, anti diabetics, and many more.


In Energize Pharmaceuticals quality is a journey, not a goal. It continuously sets higher standards and feels passionate to achieve all that. The motto of Energize's quality policy is the provide WHO-GMP approved Product. as a trustworthy and responsible pharmaceutical company, we have made it a point to create a trustworthy brand, where our customers always associate us with innovation, quality, reliability, sustainability and excellent customer service. One of our specializations is to provide quality, reliability, sustainability and excellent Products. Our team of professionals combined with our infrastructure is always ready for it.